Friday, 29 December 2017

Domače milo s šentjanževko - Homemade soap with St. John's wort

Tole sicer ni volnena objava, je pa zato vključena šentjanževka, s katero veliko barvam volno.

This is not a wooly post, true, but it does include St. John's wort which I use for dyeing wool very often.

Za milo sem uporabila ovčji loj, šentjanževo olje in ricinusovo olje, oljčno olje za prebitek maščobe in eterično olje "Antična vrtnica" za odišavljenje.

To make soap I used mutton fat, St. John's wort oil and castor oil, then added a bit more of olive oil as superfat and "Antique rose" essential oil as fragrance.

Maso sem nalila v naoljene silikonske modelčke, mojo zadnjo pridobitev. Nekaj mase sem nalila v manjši karton od mleka in po enem dnevu ohlajanja razrezala. 
Zdaj moram pustiti milu, da zori šest tednov, potem bo pripravljeno za uporabo. Se že veselim!
I poured the mixture into oiled silicon moulds, my latest acquisition. I also poured a portion of the mixture into a smaller milk carton container; I cut the latter into pieces after one day of cooling.
Now I have to let the soap to rest and cure for six weeks to make it ready for use. I'm so looking forward to it!


Uglemor said...

Home made soap is the best. Congratulation in your first soap. You'll never buy any soap anymore.
But please tell, what is St. John's wort oil? It sounds like something I would like to try for my soap.

Ladka said...

Eh, it is not my first soap at all - and, yes, I haven't bought a soap bar for years. I only havrn't reported about my production.
St. John's wort has the scientific name Hypericum perforatum. I soak it in virgin olive oil for several weeks then strain to obtain the St. John's wort oil.

Uglemor said...

Oh, sorry.
I've been soaping for years too, and made that red oil as well - I suppose your oil turns red as well, even if your soaps are not red at all. I just never thougth of combining them. I'll have to try this. Does the Saint Johns wort oil give special properties to the soap?
Your soaps are very nice. Those from silicon moulds are so pretty, I like the butterfly ones most.

Ladka said...

Yes, the St. John's wort hss, in addition to its antidepressant activity, also very good effects on the skin. I've used it on every bruise and small wound for my children.