Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Copati model "jelša" - Slippers type "Alder tree"

Še eni copati - tokrat natikači. Pripravljena česana volna - naravna siva za zunanjost in rumena, obarvana z jelševimi listi, za notranjost, naložena in odrezana po modelu za oba copata. Another pair of slippers. The carded wool - natural grey for the outer surface and yellow, dyed with alder leaves, for the inner surface, is layered and cut on the template for both slippers.
Taki so bili copati, dokončno sfilcani in oprani v pralnem stroju. This is how the slippers looked like when they were full felted and washed in the washing machine.
Spodnji dve sliki: Oblikovani in posušeni copati (dva dni) - občutek je res - volnen!
The two bottom pictures: Formed and dried (two days) slippers - they feel ... well, wooly!


fontainefleurie said...

they look very warm - did you use a pattern/resist to make them, because you are cutting the wool around? Also the colours from the natural dye are so tenderness, special in combination with the natural grey.

Ladka said...

Hi, Fontaine fleurie! I'm not sure I know what a "pattern/resist" is, English being a foreign language for me. As you can see in the photo showing my rhubarb slippers I use a hard flat model (form.