Sunday, 11 April 2010

Barvanje s čebulnimi lupinami - Onion skins dyeing

Po Veliki noči, ko sem pirhe pobarvala s čebulnimi lupinami, sem v isti vodi začela barvati še volno. Posebej sem skuhala lupine rdeče in rumene čebule in preskusila, kako se čebulna barva prime na podlago z galunom, z rabarbarinimi listi in brez čimže. Dobro je samo na galun, zato sem tisto brez čimže dala v galun po barvanju (samo pri rdeči čebuli). Nato sem iste lupine skuhala še enkrat, jih pustila v vodi in barvala volno, z galunom. To je tisto ta pravo! Barve so različne in v začetku zelo močne. Pri rumeni čebuli precej manj, nekaj tudi zato, ker sem teh lupin imela precej manj. Mi je žal, da jih nisem shranila več :-( After Easter, when I had dyed my Easter eggs with onion skins, I used the dyebaths for wool dyeing. I cooked separately skins from red and yellow onions and tested onion dye for attaching on wool mordanted with alum, rhubarb leaves and unmordanted. It only attaches well on alum, so I postmordanted the yarn that hadn't been premordanted. I then cooked the same onion skins once more, left them sitting in the pot and dyed alum mordanted wool. This is it! The colours vary greatly and are pretty intense in the first dyeings. They are rather less intense with yellow onions, probably also because I only had little. It's a pity I hadn't saved more yellow onion skins:-( Na spodnjih slikah so posamezne stopnje obarvanosti. The pictures below show individual steps of colour-intake. Rdeča čebula, prvo kuhanje, prvo barvanje; čimža - galun, rabarbarini listi, galun po barvanju (od leve proti desni)

Red onions, first dye bath, first simmering; mordants: alum, rhubarb leaves, post-mordanted with alum (left to right)

Rdeča čebula, prvo kuhanje, drugo in tretje barvanje; čimža - galun

Red onions, first dye bath, second and third simmerings; mordant: alum

Rdeča čebula, drugo kuhanje, liste sem pustila v vodi; prvo, drugo in tretje barvanje, čimža - galun

Red onions,second dye bath, with skins left in the pot: first, second and third simmering: red onions, mordant: alum

Vsa volna, pobarvana z rdečo čebulo in čimžana z galunom All yarns dyed with red onion skins, mordanted with alum Rumena čebula, prvo kuhanje, prvo barvanje; čimža: brez, galun, rabarbarini listi (od leve proti desni) Yellow onions, first dye bath, first simmering; mordants: none, alum, rhubarb leaves (left to right) Rumena čebula, prvo kuhanje, drugo in tretje barvanje, čimža - galun

Yellow onions, first dye bath, second and third simmerings; mordant: alum

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Jasmine said...

You have some amazing colours here Ladka. I am planning on trying out some green shades. I have found it difficult to get some alum, but have now ordered some from the internet. I am really looking forward to playing with it.

Ladka said...

Thanks for your comment.
It is my experience it is red onion skins, on alum mordanted wool, heated with skins sitting in the bath that most green is contained in the yellow.

OliTa said...

Such beautiful colours ! Especially love the mustard yellows but they all look amazing !

dorie said...

just beautifull - all this colours from one bath!

Ladka said...

From two baths in fact (red onions and yellow onions).

Leena said...

Thank you very much. We are intrested same theme. I take your blog to my reader.

knitterPat said...

Simply lovely range of colours!:)

Daja said...

Very interesting. Thank for the post

Ladka said...

Pat and Daniela, thank you for your comments.

yvette said...

what deep colors!