Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Bombažna preja, barvana z rastlinami - Cotton thread, natural dyed

Za spremembo sem barvala bombažno prejo za vezenje in za klekljanje, v barvilni kopeli in kot vrvico za prevezovanje zavitkov pri rastlinskem tiskanju. Nekaj barve je od čebulnih listov, pa od bakrene žice v kisu, svežih rabarbarinih listov, izrabljene košeniljke ... Navitje prejice se mi zdi pa tako lepo, da sem ga kar morala slikati :-) For a change, I set to dyeing cotton yarn for stitching and bobbin lace, both in dyeing baths and yarn used for tying rolls in plant printing. Some are dyed with onion skins, others with vinegar in which copper wire had been soaking, then fresh rhubarb leaves, cochineal exhaust, ... I find the coiled up yarn so beautiful that I just couldn't help taking some photos :-)


Jasmine said...

So pretty. I will have to try soaking copper wire in vinegar. I always learn something new here :)

Willington Weaver said...

Such lovely subtle colours. Alison

Cameron said...

Love your beautiful silks. Thank you for visiting my post so that I might also discover yours-what a great treat! I will now come here often.
My garment is a little above the knees in front and to the back of the knees as it slopes behind. It looks better now as I trimmed it out in some ribbon.
Again, thanks.